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Younique at Desert Rose Academy.


It was a pleasure to accept an invitation to attend the New Desert Rose Academy aimed at children between the ages of ten and sixteen.

My daughter was thrilled at the chance to ride one of the new Oset Electric Motorcycles.

The site was set in East Sussex not far from the 1066 Café, plenty of forest bathing and fresh air.

The day began with a friendly approach from Paul, James and Rob and everyone warmed to them immediately where they explained how the day was going to be run.

It was then the fitting of boots, helmets etc and then onto the Oset Motorcycle where James had the participants full attention, how he did this was fantastic. His instructions were clear and understandable and if anyone didn’t fully understand he explained in another way so that all could understand.

He explained how the motorcycle worked and where not to put hands if one was to fall off. There were not many offs and those that did had heeded his instructions.

Onto the children riding the bikes, though this took some time, everyone was patient and waited there turn. Here James excelled, had the rider’s full attention installing confidence into each child. When he had all at a level they were introduced to the field, which was wet a slippery.

Here the riders rode round the field on one of the lower settings out three until James was confident in all the riders where he then went up to higher setting. Here there was no fear in any of the riders, off they went with James’s riding to each rider encouraging and coaching them and eventually had the riders all standing on the pegs.

This continued until satisfied where the next obstacle was the slalom of cones, unknown to everyone this was precursor to riding into the woods up and down small hillocks.

The day ended at noon, and I have not known my teenage daughter who is generally up till all hours to sleep for so long, she had an incredible time and wants to go back. Her confidence in herself has grown incredibly, thanks to incredible work of James, Joe, and Paul.

Despite the venue being a couple of hours drive from West Sussex, the trip was worth it. I can see myself and daughter being regulars here at Desert Rose.

They want to open the doors to off rode biking to all children from all backgrounds, to get hem out into fresh air, try something new and to keep themselves out of trouble.

I thoroughly recommend the day and just by watching and meeting other parents was just as fun as it was for the children riding. So much so my wife wants to try!!!

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