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Justin's Younique Day

Justin contacted me and booked his Younique Day and asked for an overall critique of his ride and to be fair to Justin he is a smooth rider! Through his riding I was able to identify a few areas that needed working on, being positioning and vision.

For vision, I can suggest that Justin works on looking as far ahead as possible and scanning back. Encouraging him to scan the road and look through turns which will help improve his overall speed and flow through hazards etc.

Regarding positioning, I advises Justin to work on positioning for right hand bends.

I provided constructive feedback while also highlighting the strengths in Justin's riding. And encouraged him to practice the techniques I gave consistently to further enhance his skills and performance on the bike.

Through his day we stopped of at Elite Helicopter where Justin knows the owner, to which they were more than happy for the photos and interested in a Younique Day as well. So thanks Justin for the intro.

If you would like a day like Justin, contact me via the website or drop a line via

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