Advanced Motorcycle Training


I spoke to Gordy on the phone a few days before to discuss what I’d like to achieve on the day.
On the day we met at Ryka’s had a cuppa and a Q&A session about the day ahead.
Gordy tailored the day to suit my learning needs which is very refreshing as not many people are as adaptable in different coaching styles. Gordy explanations were very clear and uncomplicated, making the whole day a really enjoyable time and I will definitely be rebooking with him. Love the “hand” analogy.
I rode home with a really big smile on my face from what I’d achieved on the day and will continue to put all the pieces together. Thanks Gordy

Advanced Motorcycle Training
Advanced Motorcycle Training



"I passed my IAM test in October 2020 and approached Gordy (who I knew from prior training) to help me get some extra refinement in my riding. We had a detailed pre-ride chat on areas to focus on a couple of weeks before the day. On the day itself we set out on what was an amazing day of riding despite the weather turning. Got some good pointers and valid observations. The last quarter of the day saw everything come together in a spirited, safe and very enjoyable ride on some great roads. 

If you've got a bike, want to get better, have a sense of humour then go out with Gordy!"

Hi Gordy throughly enjoyed my day today….took on board what you said and I feel so much more confident than before even Mike noticed a difference on the ride home!! Can’t thank you enough…..would encourage anyone looking to improve or struggling with their riding to book in with you!

I achieved more than I thought I would in those few hours so yeah I’m proud of myself 



Going home after leaving you demonstrated to me just how much I got from the day. When we first set off in the morning in the wet I was overwhelmed by the conditions as a former ‘fair weather rider.’ On y ride home in torrential rain, the ride felt seamless, progressive, confident and safe.